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Frequently Asked Questions

We Know You Have Questions, Here's the Answers!

How much CureCoal do I take?

We recommend you take 2 gummies for every drink you have. 

How long does it take to work?

We highly recommend you sleep it off! After a glass of wine, a shot, or whatever your poison is, it's best to get some rest so CureCoal can work its magic!

Will CureCoal make me sober?

No, CureCoal won't make you sober. Please don't drink and drive. Be smart, call for a ride.

What's so special about CureCoal?

We think CureCoal is thing is the next thing you didn't know you couldn't live without! Whether you have an exam at 8am or get a headache even with the smell of wine, CureCoal will help you get through it!

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